EggBanxx FAQs

What is EggBanxx?

EggBanxx was created by women, for women. It is a program where women can preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs. We believe egg freezing should be stress free and affordable.

Our network consists of the country’s most innovative fertility clinics which utilize the most advanced egg retrieval and egg freezing technology (vitrification). This gives you the best chance of banking your most viable eggs, allowing the best chance of success at time of fertilization and transfer.

Why should I freeze my eggs?

A woman’s fertility peaks in her 20s and then declines with age, rapidly decreasing in her 30s. Women over 45 have less than a 5 percent chance of conceiving naturally. Egg freezing allows you to pause your biological clock as your frozen eggs remain the age they were when they were frozen.

Why would I want more than one egg freezing cycle?

On average, 5 to 15 eggs are retrieved per cycle. Most experts agree that approximately 20 eggs are needed per pregnancy. To determine how many egg freezing cycles will give you the best chance of having the family you envision, It is important that you discuss your situation with your fertility doctor.

What is included in EggBanxx?

Services provided by the IVF clinic begin on the day you begin taking fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries and last to the day of egg retrieval:

  • Cycle monitoring – 7  to 12 days of daily hormone testing and ultrasounds
  • Cycle management – nurse and physician oversight of cycle progression using daily monitoring results
  • Egg retrieval with ultrasound guidance
  • Preparation and cryopreservation (freezing) of eggs
  • 12 months of cryopreserved storage

All listed services are per cycle with the exception of egg storage which is factored only once per package.Those purchasing two or three cycles are assessed for one, 24-month storage period.